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A Little More About Me

My Journey

A series of what one of my spiritual teachers would call "initiations" lead me to develop a daily spiritual practice. Pranayama, or breath practice, got me through the planning of my father's funeral when he died suddenly in 2015. Sound and mantras helped me through supporting my mother has she slipped into dementia following his death. 

Learning Reiki, I learned how to share energy, how to let it flow through the practioner, rather than from the practioner. The difference is when it flows through you, you aren't depleted. 

Studying Shamanism, the Kabbalah, Reiki, and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation practices were all valuable tools for my own healing, and all tools I use to help others. 

Sound is a the thread that winds through all of these practices, and helped remind me why I entered college as a music major.

Sound therapy has been around since the first Mom or Dad sang to their baby. 

There's much we don't understand yet about how sound works to relax the mind and body, how it helps release what needs to be released... but there's no doubt in my mind it works. 

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